Elevate Your Learning Experience With nullspaces

The easiest and most efficient Computer Aided Assembly technology in the industry.

Digital Assistant Device & Digital Assistant Studio

Quick content creation

Quick content creation

Using game technology to quickly create instructions.



A mixed reality that transmits crucial information directly under the hands of the operator at the right time.

Simple instalation

Simple instalation

No VR headset, tablet or monitor. Just a tiny Plug&Play device above the workplace.

Empowering Your Work With The Ultimate Ease Of Use

nice and easy plug & play device
effortless content creation with DA Studio & TouchUI
trouble-free & painless maintanence

Leveraging Human Capabilities With Technology

Efficient & effortless revolution. Speed up onboarding and training from 20 %.

Ensure quality production with real-time optical product inspection. No lag, evaluated 30 times per second.

Time&Motion analysis, identify bottle necks, get insight into manual assembly process to take control and improve.


Trusted By Industry Leaders



Nullspaces was founded by three experts in computer vision, mixed reality and machine learning.

With over 20 years of experience in these areas, nullspaces helps industrial companies in preventing production errors by means of computer vision and big data analysis.

Jiří Kula

founder / CEO

Jiri received his PhD. in Visual control systems about 13 years ago. Then he worked for Nikon Microscopy, where he developed laser projection software for complex scientific optical instruments. He also worked for Valeo - the French supplier of advanced driver assistance systems for self-driving cars. As part of the Vision research team they came up with patented solutions, which then became a standard safety system of modern vehicles. After getting experience in such large companies Jiri has decided to take his broad background in computer vision, optical projection and artificial intelligence systems and come up with modern technology that leverages human capabilities in manufacturing. What Jiri says about nullspaces: "Although our technology might seem unbelievable at first glance, the solution will become logical as you start using it". Read more

David Zacho

Co-founder / CDO

David received his PhD. in Applied physics about 15 years ago. He has a sense of detail and passion for getting things done completely. No surprise that he has worked for Czech Aerospace Research Center, where he conducted complex physical experiments to proof theoretical assumptions. David gained strong knowledge in integrating computer vision systems into production lines during his work for HCL. What nullspaces says about David: "He has strong orientation towards customer satisfaction, always ready to listen and then come up with suitable solution." Read more

Peter Skrla

Co-founder / business development

Peter is a seasoned executive with 30 years of experience in three areas of business: start-ups, venture capital, and corporate restructuring. Having spent significant time in North America, Africa, and Europe with extensive travel elsewhere, he loves cross-cultural situations and complex challenges. Read more

Marcela Kulová


Marcela gained her technical knowledge during her studies at Technical University in Liberec. She has a broad experience in product and project management. Marcela, as a Chief operations manager of nullspaces, knows about every step the company makes - from daily operations to strategic decisions. It is also thanks to her that nullspaces is a nice place for work and self-development. Read more

Hana Kremlová

Sales Manager

Hana is an experienced Sales Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer electronics/IT industry and virtual reality for the last 11 years.She is a strong sales and key account professional graduated from University of Economics in Prague. Her dedication and forward-thinking approach are the key business drivers for the successful collaboration with the partners. Read more